Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wagashi are delicately small sweets used only in Chanoyù, the Tea Ceremony, a very old traditional Japanese Art deriving from Buddists Monks ceremony (
This is a winter wagashi, because in traditional Chanoyù everything must accord to the season, in fact all ceremony is a celebration of harmony and tranquillity. Starting from the room setting with a small seasonal flower arrangment in the Tokonoma called Chabana, the sacred corner of the house, close to Tokonoma can seat (kneeling) in seiza position the most important guest, also in the tokonoma there will be a small calligraphy scroll, rarely a drawing, alwais armonized to the season ( no snow in Summer ;-) , this will be the only ornaments in the room. The host will wear a kimono in armony (sorry for the repetition) with the season and so the tea cup, called chawan, the incense burner (close to the flower in the Tokonoma) the plate and the Wagashi.

I love this time travelling experience, this out of the world mental state, extasy seems to strong but if you can approach this experience with purity and the right frame of mind, this will be part of you and deep in your spirit forever. I regard Chanoyu as the sacralization of hospitality. (initially posted on the 16th of July 2007)