Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rotenburo, hot spring outside tab

This is called rotenburo, is a hot spring outdoor pool, very nice in summer and even more fascinating in winter. Down the valley on the right, there is the town of Wakamatsu.

A ryokan room.

This is a classic room in a ryokan or traditional hotel in Japan, very clean and simple, while you are out for dinner the maid arrange the futon and yukata, everything for the night. From the window can enjoy a great view on the valley covered in snow, now behind the shoji, the wooden frames and paper sliding doors.

Ryokan in Higashiyama, Fukushima prefecture.

This is a nice ryokan, a traditional hotel and hot springs in Higashiyama, on the mountain close to Wakamatsu in the prefecture of Fukushima. I spent a couple of days with the family in January. At onsen the main activity or the only activity are hot bath and enjoy good food and drink (sake). What else do you ask from life? Of course the good company too.

Big lantern in the snow

A big lantern in the snow, at Higashiyama onsen, near Wakamatsu, Fukushima prefecture. This place is very nice, many hot springs (onsen) are on the mountain and overlook the valley and the plain with Wakamatsu, even from the outside bat tab was visible the great panorama.

Exhibition in Milano at Mi Japan, 20 to 22nd of May 2011

I've been in love with Japan for very long time, I love Japanese culture, the art and the tradition to the extent that I married a Japanese woman, thank to her, I have the luck and privilege to experience the real Japanese life and culture. During my repeated stay in Japan, I'm able to understand and absorb the tradition, being a privileged witness of the act of creation of the artist, I take photographs of, performing for me only, I'm not a curious tourist or a cold documentarist.
I focus my attention on the hand, the hands are the media that make real, materialize the thinking and the soul of the artist, I witness the action of creation and I capture in my images the magic moment of creation of art. 
I concentrate my work on traditional arts, like calligraphy, pottery, tea ceremony, music with traditional instruments, traditional dance, martial arts, etc.
The profound secrets of shadows are in my photography, I like to express the elegance of the gesture and of a culture, the Japanese, that operate by subtraction, of tones, of actions, of light, not only emotional, and the search of self, the search of perfection and harmony through the gesture as form of art.