Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Master Fujiyasu Masahira

Japanese katana maker master Fujiyasu Masahira show a tsuba he left at the weather to rust, to gain a great texture, later hi will work the metal again. Photographed in Fukushima prefecture in Summer 2007, Nikon 85mm. f1.4, natural light.

A tsuba and two blades

A tsuba and two blade of katana made by master Fujiyasu Masahira, not completely finished, photographed in his laboratory in the Fukushima prefecture, Japan. Photographed in natural light with 60mm. macro and 85mm. 1.4 Nikon lenses.


Katana making, master Fujiyasu Masahira in Fukushima prefecture in different moments of work: finishing a blade, top and starting hammering the metal at very early stages of work. Nikon 85mm. lens on natural light


This is a tsuba, the hilt of a katana, being left hanging ouside for sometime at the weather to gain an interesting texture and later be worked again. Master Fujiyoshi Masahira, Fukushima prefecture photographed in Summer 2007, Nikon 85mm. lens on natural light.