Friday, 21 March 2014


A red camelia, English call it the perfect flower, and I can see why, is a really fashinating flower, really amazing if yo watch it closely. I used the 105 mm. lens fully opened at f 3,4 beacuse is a very close up shoot (normal lens aperture is f 2,8) In natural sun light, I used a black background to have a more dramatic image.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Old camera

An old  Richoflex camera I found at a Japanese friend's house in Torino.

Friday, 7 March 2014


Kasa means umbrella, I found umbrella a very fashinating object and the snow intnsify the appeal. I used the 85 mm. in ambient light.


At the beginning of January there is a matsuri (festival) in Kitakata, the main street is filled with food's stools and many people and especially children are happy to find sweets and toys. I love the traditional paper lanterns. For both photos I used the Nikon 85 mm. lens at f 1.4 to blur the background, in natural evening light.

Snow in Kitakata

Today was snowing in Kitakata, this Winter very little snow falled and is unusual, but is normal that is snowing in March. Meantime in Northern Italy, the sun is shining and the temperature mild, is really coming the Spring. Feel great nostalgi for the place, this Winter I was unable to go and I'm very sorry.
Photo taken with 17-35 mm. f 2,8 Nikkor, with snow the exposure is tricky, if you expose an average for the whole scene the snow will be burned out. I work only on manual exposure, I prefer spot metering and I can choose where to measure the light. If is an important subject, is always safer to shoot more then one picture with different exposure and be safe.