Thursday, 30 April 2015

Red hat oJizosama

Is tradition, in Japan, to make red knitted hats to children's statue, oJizosama, Bodhisattva (Bosatsu) protector of traveller, ofthen found at border of roads and in cemetry too. Nikon D3x with 85 mm. at f 1,4 in natural light.


At the end of March we felt the thaw, Spring was coming and the snow was melting on the roofs and drops were dancing down the chain. Nikon D3x with 85 mm. f 1,4


A boy walking in front of the Yamatogawa sake factory in Kitakata, one of the attraction of the town, with the characteristing noren (Japanese shop entrance curtain). Photo taken with Nikon D3x with 85 mm. f 1,4 at the end of March.

Suwa Jinja in Kitakata

At the end of March there was still snow on the ground in Kitakata, while in Tokyo the cherry blossoma was reaching the peak. Here Suwa Jinja area in the morning, photographed with Nikon D3x with 85 mm. at f 1,4 at 100 iso.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Cherry blossom in Roppongi

A busy man walk while talking on the phone and a cherry tree blossoming on the street.
Nikon D3x with 17-35 mm. at f 2.8 natural light in a gray day.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Cherry blossom by night

The spectacle of cherry blossom is even more fascinating at night, in Japanese is called yozakura (sakura at night). Here is Roppongi, Tokyo and the different colors are due to the diverse sources of street lighting. Photo taken with Nikon D3x hand held with 85 mm. at f 1,4 at 640 iso.

Roppongi from the top

A view of Roppongi area by night, from the ANA Intercontinental Hotel, and one of the elevated roads, like the one described in the Murakami Haruki book 1Q84. Night photography at 1000 iso, hand held Nikon D3x with 17 - 35 mm. at f 2.8.

Cherry blossom in Kunitachi

The spectacular cherry blossom in Sakura Dori in Kunitachi, neat Tokyo. Even with a grey sky the cherry blossom is amazing. All photos taken with Nikon D3x and 85 mm. f 1.4 at full aperture.

At Yaho station

A girl waiting for the train at Yaho Station in Tokyo, really concentrated on her phone she didn't realized I was taking pictures of her. Nikon D3x with 85 mm. f 1,4.

Cherry blossom at Megurogawa

Megurogawa is a river in Tokyo and is renown for the great cherry blossom display in Spring.We arrived at Meguro at sun setting and had a long walk along the river until dark, it was an incredible experience, impossible to describe with words.