Saturday, 22 February 2014

Narita Airport

Arriving at Narita is always a very happy moment, the airport is very clean and bright. I voluntarily under exposed to show the reflections and shadows of the shiny floor and the silhouettes of the travellers.
The exposure is not a fixed matter, is really a personal choice, an expression tool. I expand on this matter. If you need to take a picture of a painting or an object to show exactely how is, like a catalogue or advertising, the exposure is only one: the correct one. In all other cases you can decide how to show the reality or unreality of the scene or object, or face ... Exposure is a very important instrument for expression. I invite you to do experiments on the exposure, in taking the shoot and even in post production, and you will see that somethimes a dark or bright image is more expressive than the "correct" one.

Sunrise over Siberia

Fling to Japan we fly over Russia, Siberia and North China, in Winter for many hours we can see only white on the ground, snow, snow and more snow, at night some little light is rare. The down is spectacular at thet haight. Can't resist of taking some shoot, with the 17-35 mm. f 2,8 Nikon. This Winter I was unable to go and I feel great nostalgia of Japan.

Story to tell

For those who like black and white photography, I have an other blog, with the same title on Tumblr (need to subscribe, it's free), please follow it for many pictures.
I decided to have an other blog because I like to share with you, my public, my ever growing personal work on Japan, the title is "The Creative Gesture", I'm exhibiting this work on many shows around Italy.
I'm so deeply in love for many years with Japan, its culture, art and philosophy, aesthetics, literature, food and elegance, to marry a Japanese woman. During my regular trips to Japan, thanks to her and her family, I have the honor and privilege of a direct experience and contact with this reality as a whole, the true traditional Japanese world and the traditional daily family life as well.
Living in Japan for extended periods, I have the opportunity to meet many artists and artisans, meeting them in their studio and take photographs of the creative process “from the inside” as experience. My point of view is not the superficial tourist’s. My point of view is as participating and passionate witness.

Portrait of a friend in my studio, was not a photo session, was a snap during a nice dinner with friends, after lot of great food provided by my wife and various italian wines. This is the secret to relax and put at ease people not use to stay in front of a camerra. Ambient light with 85 mm. f 1.4 Nikon lens.

He's passionate about literature and few days before he was talking on the net about Dostoyevsky, when I found on a blog this quote and I had the idea of usit on this photo.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Nō mask

A Nō antique mask of a young woman of Japan's ancient times. The masks are made in light wood and painted. There are many characters wearing masks in the   theatre, all played by man, this is a courtisan with the ancient make up: shaved eyebrouws and drawed much higher on the forehead, red lips and black teeth. This mask was at the antique shop of a friend in Milano: httkottoya who kindly permitted me to shoot many pictures.
For the shooting I used available shop light, tungsten spotlights, I found the right spot for the beam to hit the mask in a dramatic way. I used the 105 mm Micro lens, I had to shoot at 500 iso, handheld the camera and diaphragm fully opened at f 3,3 (the lens open at f 2.8 but in macro there is a loss of light).

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Gold green tea

Yesterday a friend in Milano, offered us green tea with gold leaf to wish good luck and happiness for the new year! Green tea leafs with toasted rice and tiny gold bits, a precious tea from Kyoto, intense aroma and a bit cloudy green color. Interestingly, the gold is edible and is good for the healh too!
This is not a studio photo, I shoot hand held at 500 iso in artificial light (ceiling lamp) and adjusted the white balance in post (Camera Row), I used the 105 mm. Micro Nikkor lens, fully opened to achieve a low dept of field effect (bokeh). Is interesting that the photographic technical term bokeh come ditrectly from the Japanese language ボケ (boke) that means blurry, out of focus or mental confusion.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Matcha langue de chat

Japanese matcha langue de chat, green tea bisquit, with white chocolate, a delicacy from Kyoto. Photo taken in studio with tungsten spot light soften by a fabric screen, lens 105 mm. micro Nikkor fully opened.