Saturday, 27 July 2013

Old woman at the jinja

An old woman pass through the Teramachi jinja garden in Kitakata, very early morning at the frirst light in Summer. Is really nice the silence of this garden in the early hours and the light shining through the trees. Photo taken with the 85mm. lens at f 1.4.

Walking the dog

A young girl walking the dog on the deserted little street in Kitakata in a Summer evening. Photographed with the 85 mm. f 1.4 lens.

The gardener

A gardner on the top of a ladder in Kitakata working to clean up a pine tree, branch after branch, very long work. Photo shoot with the 85 mm. lens f 1.4 in sunlight.

With grandma

A walk in the garden of a little temple under the tori, with grandmother to catch chicadas is really popular in Japan. Cicadas are the symbol of the Summer and the chirp is really loud and caratheristic of Japan Summer. The little boy hold a little box for the cicada and the older have a net to catch them. Photographed in Kitakata with the 17-35 mm. at f 2.8 in daylight.

Woman with umbrella

An old woman walking under the Summer sun with an umbrella in Kitakata. Photo taken with 85 mm. lens at f 1.4.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Smetai mizu

In a hot Japanese Summer day is a dream a simple smetai mizu, cold water glass. This glass have a nice shape, is all covered in condensation and make a nice contrast with the raw wooden table. Some light is coming from the nearby windows and some artificial light from above and accentuate te orangy color of the natural wood. Shoot in a cafee in Matsushima with Nikon 85 mm. f 1.4 lens.

A rice field

A rice field at the end of Summer in Kitakata, I love the intense yelloish green of the rice and here the contrast with the light blue of the roof of the house on the back of the field add more to the atmosphere of the photo. I add the color to the white sky in postproduction. Top photo 35 mm. and bottom 85 mm.

Vending machine

The vending machine for hot and cold drinks are everywere in Japan, even at corners of country lanes. Are all always perfectely working and clean, day and night and in case of earthquake will dispense free drink. Do not try to shake them to cheat, police will show up and offer you a free ride instead of a free drink. Photo shoot at night with Nikon 85 mm. f 1.4 lens.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Window and door

A window protected by a wooden grid frame on a traditional Japanese kura in Kitakata and door covered by wooden panels and decorated windows. Photo shoot with 85 mm. Nikon.

Kura decoration

A kura is a traditional Japanese warehouse with thick walls, to keep goods safe from fire. This is in Kitakata and now is a bank, in town there are many kura well kept and is a turistic attraction of the town with ramen. Shoot in August 2006 with a Nikon 20 mm. lens.

A tsukubai

This is a tsukubai, a carved stone as basin for running water, traditional Japanese feature in garden, in front of buildings and in private gardens too. Is used to wash your habds and refresh yourself in the torrid Japanese Summer. I just love the noise of runnibg water and in winter the ice inside the stone hole. This photo taken in Kitakata, is from my first trip to Japan, is a 35 mm. slide scanned with a simple scanner, so the quality is not great.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Akcelina and Nati

A very intense meeting at dinner with nice Akcelina and old friend Natale in London, at La Suite West hotel in Inverness Terrace, the same street where I lived for many years. Nikon D3x with 85 mm. f 1.4 lens.

My friend Ale

My old friend Ale in London, photographed at night while talking, eating and making plan for an exciting new project. Is nice to be back in London after ten years, thank you very much. Nikon D3x, 85. mm. f 1.4 lens.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Artist Asako Hishiki at Buronzo Castle

The group art exhibition Art Site, at Buronzo Castle near Vercelli, this ambient installation is the great work of Asako Hishiki, a very talented young Japanese artist  living in Bologna, Italy.
Photo shoot with 17-35 mm. Nikon lens with natural light.

Courgette flowers tempura

The very fresh courgette flowers were brought this morning by the nice friend Shuko, became tempura, really delicious, just a pinch of salt! My compliment to the cook Emiko and food stylist. We are just exercise for a new project to come ... soon.
Photographed in daylight soften by a fabric in a frame, using the Micro Nikkor 105 mm. lens fully opened at f 3 and minimal post production.

A photo book by Hiroshi Honami

In London I found some nice book on scond hand bookshps, I knoew the work of Hiroshi Honami but I never saw a book, this is nice, well printed and a nice boxed edition. I like his sensual and mysterious world.

The Tale of Genji

In London I found this book, The Tale of Genji in a second hand shop and will be the Summer reading. I rode the Italian translation but is was not the full version and I loved it. I rekon the Inglish language is harder and more cold to translate the Japanese, I'm going to loose the poethic of the book, I think.
Photo taken on my terrace with the 105 mm. Micro lens at f 3 in natural light soften by a fabric panel.

Flowery car

A nice flowery car in Notting Hill, London to be hired for weddings or just a fun trip, is flowery also inside.

London's flowers

In London flower's lovers all around town, a Greek tabena in Bayswater, close to my old flat, is still there after many years. A guy walking close to Notting Hill station with a great bunch of hidrangea and the nearby Chiswick Arm a really flowery pub. What a job to water all those plants! Photos shoot with Nikon 85 mm. f 1.4 and 17-35 mm. at f 2.8.

Notting Hill colors

The great house colors in Notting Hill, London, is really brightening a day, especially with sunshine and with rainy weather too. A walk down the memory lane for me.
When I opened this two pictures taken in different days, I was struck by the perfect line of perspective of the buildings, I havn't done any post production on the images, just mounted one beside the other with no cropping or editing, just luck. Photo shoot with the Nikon 17-35 lens at f 2.8

Inverness Terrace, W2 London

I was very surprised and got emotional when my friend Ale drove me to my hotel he choosed, in Inverness Terrace, just in front of my old flat, where I lived for many years. I saw how tall bgrowed the plants I cared about for years. The door is still red, very British style and the walls still white. I got real nostalgia, ten years are gone so quickly, it seems a dreams or an other life of mine. Photo taken with the Nikon 17-35 mm. f 2.8

Courgette flowers

A nice basket of fresh courgette flowers brought this morning by a friend, never seen so fresh, she harvested this morning in her vegetable garden. I hope Emiko will do a great tempura today.
Photo taken on my terrace in sunlight using the Nikon 105 mm. micro lens at f 2.8 and a white board to lighten the shadows just a bit.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

La Suite West hotel in London

I loved La Suite West hotel in London Inverness Terrace, is a design hotel with a Japanese inspiration and also because I lived for many years in this same street, just the other side of the quiet and green road, very close to Kensington Park. Photographed in ambient light with 17-35 mm. lens.

Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge

The Broklands Hotel in Weybridge in Surrey, close to the Mercedes U.K. headquater, near the famous Brooklands Strait, an old circuit and now test ground for the Merceds. Is a great modern hotel with large suites furnished with style and great comfort. Photographed in natural light with 17-35 mm. Nikon lens and the close up with the 85 mm. f 1.4

Healthy food at Dante, London

Dante is a great place where to eat really healthy and delicius Italin food in London, 19 Beauchamp Place SW3. Vegetable and fruit juices, focaccia, panini and various dishes. Photographed here are bresaola focaccia, Parma ham and salad and a juice prepared and presented by the handsom Natale. Photo taken with Nikon and 85mm. 1.4 f lens. in natural light from nearby window and some artificial coming from the ceiling.

Trip to London

After 10 years I went back to London, with a cheap flight from EasyJet, their colour scheme is quite sad, even if the orange is a great color, but in combination with the dark blue is really poor. For a short trip is bearable. Arriving at Gatwick I felt a deep nostalgia.

Asako Hishiki artist

Artwork by Asako Hishiki, Japanese artist living and working in Bologna, Italy. This work is on display from July to the end of August in Buronzo's Castle, Vercelli's province in Piemonte, Italy. Is a great work, very poethic and inspiring. I love how the light and shadows, interact with the work during the day and the ever changing color of light. In the top photo Asako in tranparency and on the back ground rice fields landscape.
Photos shoot on natural light, with 17-35 mm. and 85 mm. lenses.