Thursday, 28 March 2013

White balance

The importance of white balance the photos with a proper color card, this is the ColorChecker of x-rite, I always use this on studio shooting and on location if possible. This is important when you need to reproduce correct colors. Here Emiko modelling with kimono for Kimono Rental Service in Milano. This kimono have stunning colors flowers and Autumn orange maple leaves (momiji). Photo shoot on Nikon D3s camera with 85 mm. f 1,4 using studio strobes.
Obi (sash) and obijime (the string to hold the obi in position) on a purple kimono.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Apple cinnamon roll

A delicious cake made by my wife, is bread with apples and cinnamon, soft inside and a little bit crunchy outside with a great cinnamon perfume. Thank you, for the nice recipe, to beautiful K san.
I shoot the photo using only one light source, an incandescent tungsten light, diffused by a roll of frost and a polyplat white board to soften the shadows in front, only on the right side of the camera, as shown in the picture, on the table I used an other white board, lifted with a small box, to darken the table in the upper part of the photo. I used the Nikon D3s with 105 mm. micro lens fully open to have shallow focus effect. Tungsten white balance and very little adjustment in post production..

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A rainy day in Tokyo

A rainy day in Tokyo and can see some elegant woman wearing over the traditional kimono the ama coat, the raincoat and amageta, the covered sandals (the red ones) to protect the tabi (the cotton sox) from the rain. Very elegant and colorfull. Photo taken in Tokyo with 85 mm. lens, low natural light.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Obi and obijimé

Friend Mamiko wearing kimono and a black obi, the large sash with trees motif, the obijimé is the thin light blue string decorated with a turquoise obidomé. The yellow crinkled silk is called obiagé and is use to keep the obi in his place and prevent it from sliding down. The haori is the kind of jaket used in Winter, is of black silk and keept closed by strings. If you like kimono, visit this great site:ichiroya
Photo shoot in a restaurant, with 85 mm. 1.4 f lens in ambient light.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Flower composition on a yellow vase

This flower composition in a yellow vase was shoot in natural light. Direct sunlight coming from the window and a white board as fill light to lighten the shadows. For the dark flower on the left was not enough and I used a mirror to give it more color and some detail. Lens 105 mm. micro lens.

Hiacinths and tulips

A sunny day after a week of rain and a nice ray of sun light a flower composition in my house. Hiacinths and purple tulips. Photographed with 105 mm. micro lens in natural light.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


A mimosa brunch in a Japanese little glass pitcher, to wish all women happy celebration day and wish all of them happiness and no more violence. Photographed in direct sunlight through a white fabric screen with 105 mm. micro lens.

Purple bouquet

A gorgeous murasaki bouquet from our friend Mamiko, thank you so much! Today was a nice sunny Sunday morning and was a perfect momento to photograph this beautiful flowers. I photographed in sunlight filtered wit a tranparent white fabric as diffuser, I used the 105 mm. micro lens to go on close up and blur the  back ground.

Flower and music

Flower and music, a great combination for a Saturday afthernoon in Milano. Thanks to Mari san for the very nice flower compositions, to all the pupils of Takizawa piano sensei and to the parents who helped with their kindness and some with nice music too.

Friday, 8 March 2013

8th of March

A flower to wish happiness to all women in the world, to all my friends and to the special one in my life!
This photography was done in studio using flash, with a Sinar 4x5 inch and reversal film, I miss that old big box ...

Monday, 4 March 2013


Reflections on a Winter evening in Kitakata, snow was melting on this car-park and a sign light reflected on the water. Nikon 85 mm. ƒ 1,4 natural light.

Night in Kitakata

The night of 1st of January 2013 in Kitakata was snowing, this is a small alley in the back of okasan house near Suwa Jinja. Photo taken with 85 mm. ƒ 1,4 handheld, iso 500 shutter 1/10 sec. white balance Tungsten.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Piano concerto

This is the poster for the piano recital of the pupils of Takizawa Emiko sensei in Milano. I did the desig and took the photography using a little marble statue of Beethoven, using studio flash, 105 mm. Micro lens, the color was modified in Photoshop.

Yuriko san

Cello players at Milano Musica orchestra, Yuriko is really beautiful and elegant and naturally a great musician. Lens 85 mm. ƒ 1.4 in natural light in a sunny afthernoon on May 2005.

Hina matsuri

Hina matsuri is the girl's celebration held on the 3rd of March, to wish good healt and happiness to young daughter. Is a Japanese tradition to display in the house hina ningyō (dolls) representing the Emperor, Odairi sama and the Emperes, Ohina sama in traditional costume. I took the photo with 105 mm.Micro lens at ƒ 3,3 in natural light and using a small white board as fill light.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mariko wearing kimono

My sister in love Mariko in Winter style looks really great, even if weared the kimono only for the photo session in  January 2005. I love the orange color of the obi, the sash making a nice bow on the back, this is hold in position by the red string called obijime.. Photographed at home in Kitakata using only natural light coming from the window with 85 mm. lens 1.4 f and camera Kodak DCS14 N.

Wooden cofee cup

In a cofee house in AizuWakamatsu, I've been served a  nice wooden cup as the plate and the spoon too. It was Winter but a warm sun was lighting the table, the steam and flavor was gently rising from the cofee. A perfect moment. I used the 85 mm. lens f 1.4