Sunday, 9 November 2014

Two wagashi

Two nice wagashi, small Japanese sweets for the tea ceremony with the matcha (powdered green tea), one in the shape of maple leaf and the other in the shape of a flower bud. The wagashi are made of rice flour and filled with anko, the black soy beans marmelade. I shoot this kind of pictures always with a Micro 105 mm. lens, I love natural light and in Kitakata I have no studio lighting.

Two Chawan

 A cup for the chanoyu (tea Ceremony) from Kyoto, artist Katou Josui, title akigusa (Auton's erbs)
Kuro raku, black raku chawan, the writing on the cup is tsuki (moon). Raku is a quality of pottery and the name come from a family of potters, still active in Kyoto, for many generations.