Friday, 31 May 2013

Escalators at Mid Town

The escalator inside the Fuji film building at Mid Town, Roppongi,  Tokyo with the colour green trademark of the company. Below reflections and transparency of an escalator inside Mid Town building with his huge shopping mall.

Monday, 20 May 2013


A sunny morning after a long week of rain, I was travelling by car going back home and I saw this nice red spots, poppys on the side of the road and can't resist the temptation. Photos take with 85 mm. in direct sunlight.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Alessandra from Florence

Alessandra at her home in Florence in 2004, I went there for a photo shoot of her house and her portrait for a Japanese magazine. The Japanese editor drove us there half an hour earlier than arranged and she was still sleeping, with elegance and kindnes, she let us in and after a while appeared with tea and caffè. She wear with elegance a single pearl ring and necklace, and look beautiful even without make up. Shoot with 55 mm. Macro and 85 mm. Nikon lenses in natural light.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Kyudō is the Japanese archery, this is master Kurosu from Sendai, during a workshop in Milano last April, it was a cold and rainy day and very low light, a bit difficult fot taking pictures, but the dojo is really beautiful and people there too. I took the picture with 85 mm. lend in ambient light, natural light and a little artificial light from the ceiling of the dojo.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saeko's Portrait, again

An other shoot of Saeko, sensual and presumptious, in black and white, Nikon D2Xs with 180 mm lens f 2.8 with studio flashes.


A portrait of Saeko shoot at Mondadori Studio in December 2006 with Nikon D2Xs and the 180 mm at f 2.8.

Sensual portrait

A photo session in Mondadori studios in Cernusco, near Milano in December 2006, Saeko is not a model, or she think she is? She is pretty and sensual in this great dress (I forgot the designer). I took the photo with Nikon D2Xs and the 180 mm. at f 2.8, using Broncolor studio strobe.

Dance lesson

A girl attending a traditional Japanese dance lesson with a white yukata, holding a fan. Photo shoot in Tokyo in December 2007 using 85 mm. at f 1.4 in ambient light: natural light from the window through the shoji (cloudy day) and neon lights from the ceiling, a bit too flat for my taste, when the lesson ended and I photographed the maste on his own, I asked to turn off the neon lights.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rain in Tokyo

Wearing the kimono under the rain is possible with style, as seen on the streets of Tokyo, covers for shoes and silk raincoat, the douchuugi and, of course, a nice umbrella. Photo shoot with 85 mm. lens at f 1.4.

Tokyo street backlight

I love to walk in Tokyo in small alleys crowded with people, small bars and restaurants. The sign at the top of the image is of a soba restaurant. Shoot with 85 mm. lens in natural light.

A ceremony in a temple in Tokyo

A little ceremony at the beginning of new year, a purification ritual performed by a shinto priest dressed in purple, kannushi and assistant, miko with red hakama, ia a temple in Tokyo (I forgot where). Photo taken in natural light in a cloudy Winter day and some artificial  light on the ceiling of the temple pavillon, using 85 mm. lens.

Emiko in kimono

Emiko wearing a great kimono with maple leaves from the collection of Mamiko Ikeda, very skillfull in dressing kimono. Very few woman nowdays in Japan, can wear kimono on her own, mostly ask the help of family or specialized stylists or hair dressers. Close up photo taken in my studio with strobe and 85 mm. lens at f 1.4. Very sexy neck.

Chuo line

An orange train of the Chuo sen (line) in Tokyo during a snow fall, snow happen quite rarely in Tokyo, this photo was taken in December 2004, but even this Winter snow visited Tokyo more than once putting at test the punctuality of Japanese train. Photo taken with the 85 mm. lens.


A kanshiukyo, a pilgrim walking in Kitakata, even in Winter there are pilgrims travelling by foot to temples and living on handout and offers from people on the way. Photographed with 85 mm. lens.

Obi and obijime

The obi is the wide sash wornaround the waist over the kimono and the obijime is the strings that hold the obi in the position. There are many different knots for obi and obijime too for different occasions. Photo taken with 180 mm at 2.8 in natural light from a window at home in Kitakata in Winter.