Friday, 8 April 2016

TuTuMu 2016 poster

This is the poster fot TuTuMu 2016, the background picture its mine! A shilouette of a nice girl, Raissa, passing in front of a special washi paper sheet. I used my Nokkor 85 mm. lens f 1.4 fully opened to have great bokhe effect, more simply, shallow dept of field. Natural light outside the window and neon lights inside, ambient light. The image was a bit flattened to let writings be readable.

TuTuMu in Milano 2015

Koji Sakai

 Ayumi Shima

 Masayo Ando

 Fumiyo Kato

Yukio Kato

 Hiroaki Kobayashi
Hideyuki Kobayashi

Mari and Shuhei Matsuyama

TuTuMu is a design collective from Japan, exhibiting in Milano during the Design Week, they show all works on washi paper, very interesting and creative works. This reportage is from last year 2015.
The group with some old and some new personalities ids just arrived in Milano and I look forward to meet them and discover their work.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Kabukiza is the kabuki theatre in Ginza, Tokyo. Has been fully renovated and reopened last year. The exterior is the same as before, the traditional architecture. In the basement now there is a large hall with many stalls selling food, sweets, gadgets and kabuki themed souvenirs.