Saturday, 5 April 2014

Flower composition

A Summer flower composition, not an ikebana, at okasan's house in Kitakata, at the entrance of the house on a laquered table and a golden screen as background. The entrance is quiet dark and the light is reflected from the floor, I choosed to keep the image not perfectly sharp, do add mystery to the image, is not perfect, I know. Japanese have a definition for this: wabi sabi, the beauty and elegance of imperfection. Photo taken in natural light, hand held camera, Nikon 85 mm. at 1,4 f and 1/40s. 160 iso, thats why is slightly moved. In post production I wirked on curves only.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Glittering shoe

A glittering shoe from Anteprima at their fasion show in Milano. Photoshoot witn Nikon 105 mm. in artificial light. I like the contrast of hand's white skin and dark shoe and background.

Great black eyes

Lovely black eyes and intense look of this beautiful Chinese models, at Anteprima in Milano, Photographed with Nikon 105 mm. lens in ambient/artificial light.

Shoes and feet

Shoes from Anteprima collection at the Autumn-Winter 2014 fashion show in Milano. Photographed in ambient/artificial light with Nikon 105mm. lens.

Reading a book

A model reading a book during preparation for Anteprima fashion show in Milano. Photo taken with Nikon 105 mm. lens in artificial light at iso 320.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Her deep black eyes

I took inspiration from a book of Tanizaki Junichiro, it seems not translated in English, I have the Italian version: Morbose fantasie. A great book. I shoot this picture at Anteprima fashion show, Autumn/Winter collection 2014 in Milano. I used the 105 mm. lens, iso 320 in ambient-artificial light.
I wrote by hand on the picture in Photoshop with pen and graphic tablet.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


#photopills Segreti per buone foto in PILLOLE!

Terrò 5 workshop-stuzzichini gratuiti, di fotografia per bloggers, per fotografare cibo e oggetti con semplice attrezzatura, curati da OLYMPUS, allo spazio OPEN in Viale Montenero 6 a Milano.
Venerdì 11 Aprile alle ore 17 - Obiettivo/soggettivo
Sabato 12 Aprile alle ore 12 - Facciamo luce sulla luce
Sabato 12 Aprile alle ore 15 - La quadratura del piatto
Domenica 13 Aprile ore 12 - Il principio della fine - La post produzione
Domenica 13 Aprile ore 15 - L'imperfetto è perfetto
Sarà presente OLYMPUS con i suoi tecnici, che mostreranno ai partecipanti le loro macchine Pen, Stylus e OM-D e il software dedicato per immagini perfette.