Sunday, 27 September 2015

Tsukimi dango

Tsukimi dango is a Japanese sweet, small balls made of rice flour, traditionally white (as in the photo below with the rabbit). Is the sweet to have during September moon watching, said to be the most beautiful of the year. This version presented by Emiko, are covered with edamame (soya beans) the green, the orange is covered with dried sweet soya powder, and the black with powdered sesame seeds. Oishii! Brava Emiko san!
Both photos are taken with Nikon Micro 105mm. ƒ3 (close up) The sweet photo with a small flash in an reflective umbrella, the rabbit doll with 7 small usb led lights.
Photo © Flavio Gallozzi - All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Japanese Pavillion at Expo

At the Japanese Pavillion is very well done the section about peculiar food of Japan, well presented and clear.


I appreciate all the room of the Japan Pavillion and in particular this "harmony" room, decorated with calligraphy made with glass letters hanged at the ceiling and casting shadows on a big projection screen, where nice images of Japanese natural environment, food and culture were projected, nice idea and spectacular effect. The Japanese calligrapher is called Sisyu.

Japan Pavillion at EXPO

Japanese beauty at the Japan Pavillion at Milano Expo. Hospitality is great, as usual in Japan and with Japanese people, elegance and charming smiles from the staff and speakers. I had the privilege of testing Dango jiru a exquisite and delicate soup with mochi. I'm not so impressed by the uniform of the Pavillion hostesses, a bit old and the colours are not in line with the great Japanese sense of color and taste.
All photos with 85 mm. lens in natural light, I always shoot at ƒ 1.4, I do very little post production, I like natural look.

Aoyagi Masanori sensei

Mr. Aoyagi Masanori is a renowned scholar of ancient Greece and Rome and doctor of literature, graduated from the Literature department of Tokyo University with a degree in art history in 1967. In July, 2013, Mr. Aoyagi was named the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs. I meet him at the Japan Pavillion at Milano EXPO.
Natural light ƒ 1,4 iso 200 1/100 sec.

EXPO Milano

I finally went to the Milano Expo and visited the Japanese Pavillion. The Pavillion is fantastic, very beautiful, intelligent, a real experience of Japan. Visitors can feel the richness of the culture of Japan, from tradition to modernity and in a very entetaining way. I took and post just few pictures because is not an easy task to describe or synthesize in pictures, I don't say I'm unable, I was there for fun and not for work. Many spaces where too dark for pictures but really amazing.
This is just a detail of a decoration running all around the walls of a room with skyline of the most famous town in the world and I choosed Tokyo, of course.
Hand held camera in very low light with 85 mm. at1/30 sec. at ƒ1.4.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Little boy at a shrine

photo Flavio Gallozzi photographer Milan, London and Japan
A little boy at Suwa Jinja in kitakata, fascinated by the colors of the rope of the bell hanged at the temple entrance for prayers.

Suwa jinja Matsuri

Young musicians at Suwa Jinja matsuri (Summer festival) in Kitakata, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.