Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Practicing hiragana

A young boy practicing to write hiragana on a fogged window of a bus in Wakamatsu, it was a snowy and cold day. I used my Nikon 85 mm. lens at f 1.4 at 100 iso (as usual).

Aizu Homare sake

Aizu Homare sake, junmai daiginjo, from Kitakata, Fukushima Prefecture. Photographed with Nikon 105 mm. lens at f 3.2 with flash reflected into an umbrella.

Chashitsu Rinkaku, Tsuruga jo

Chashitsu Rinkaku, is the house for the tea ceremony, in a great garden by the Tsuruga Castle. Hideyoshi Toyotomi ordered to chanoyu master Sen no Rikyu, to commit suicide in Kyoto. Then the lord of Aizuwakamatsu, Gamo Ujisato invited the son of Sen no Rikyu, Sen Shoan, to safety and to live under his protection. From his three sons originated the three main Chanoyu schools still alive in Japan. Shoan builded this chishaku by the Tsuruga Castle to honour Ujisato.

Sharaku Miyaizumi sake

Sharaku Miyaizumi sake from Aizuwakamatsu, a big brewery near Tsurugu Castle, is an old building very well renovated. Photo taken with Nikon Micro 105 mm. lens at f 3.2 in natural light from the window, it was a sunny and windy Winter day.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Yuki ga futteimasu

Yuki ga futteimas, is snowing, and I loke to walk about town to take pictures. Today I decided to go for the 180 mm. at f 2.8, to blur even more the background. Using the auto focus was difficult, many times the camera was focusing on some snow flake in front of the subject, so better go for manual focus.

Saturday, 26 December 2015


A mizusashi, a water jar for the tea ceremony: this is titled "Winter's shadow" was made by artist Ryoun Kokubo; hagiyaki is the type of pottery. The bamboo ladle is called hishaku. I took this photo with Nikon micro 105 mm. at f 3.3, 100 iso  using a flash reflected into a silver umbrella plus diffuser.

Is not a lemon

In a small shop in Kitakata, I found this nice wooden decorative object, is not a yuzu nor a lemon ... but is yellow and I love it. Is very realistic and beautifully done in real life size of an orange and very light. 
I took the picture with the Nikon micro 105 mm. lens and flash reflected in an umbrella, on a laquered table. 
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Friday, 25 December 2015

Goshoku jinja

Goshoku jinja is a small temple on the western edge of Kitakata, standing in the middle of rice fields. Is quiet old, is not abandoned but clean. Every year I walk to visit it, I like it. Al photos were taken with Nikon 85 mm. at f 1.4, mostly I go around town light, with camera with only one lens.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Suwa jinja

In Kitakata, Suwa jinja is the biggest and more ancient temple, we live near by, so I walk almost everyday there to enjoy its tranquillity an silence. Most of the time, I walk about carrying my camera with only the 85 mm. lens and all the time I shoot at mazimum aperture 1.4.

Sunday, 20 December 2015


A kura is traditional architecture, originally for deposit, are fire proof with their very thick walls. There are many in Kitakata and some are very well renovated and used for commercial use, this is a bank. They become the symbol of the town. The stone lantern in front is called toro. Photo taken with 85 mm. at f 1.4.


Roadwork sign in Japan are children's friendly. This is the kawaii. Photo taken with 85 mm. at f 1.4 in Kitakata, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.


On the wall in our room in Kitakata, is hanged in the tokonoma a kakejiku (scroll) with a calligraphy by XIV Urasenke's iemoto (chief) Tantansai: in the clouds is heard the voice of a crane. Natural light from the window, lens Nikon 17-35 mm. at f 2.8.

Gold chawan

A golden and bamboo chawan (tea ceremony cup), photographed on moss and under dripping water at Suwa Jinja in Kitakata, Japan. Natural light with a reflector, lens Micro Nikkor 105 mm at f 3.2.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Chashaku yukiwa

The chashaku is the teaspoon used in the chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony. This one is black laquered with gold decoration of snowflakes. Photo taken with MicroNikkor 105 mm. at full aperture f 3.3, flash reflected onto an umbrella.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Rengetsu chawan

Rengetsu chawan, a cup for the tea ceremony with a reproduction of a calligraphy of poetess Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875), by artist Yamakawa Iwao, Iwaogama (III generation) from Kyoto. Photo © Flavio Gallozzi - All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Yellow chrysanthemum

I'm in Kitakata now and I like to take pictures of flowers too, I found this yellow chrisantemum at home. I took this picture with Nikon 105 mm. lens at f 3.3, a small flash wit an umbrella reflector, the back ground is a traditional Japanese gold screen. I did not increased the saturation, no post production.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Kitakata road

A small road in the old part of Kitakata, a nice traditional feeling.

Suwa jinja

Suwa jinja in Kitakata at sun setting, jinja means temple.

Night and day

Night and day vew of Suwa jinja in Kitakata, with its long line of lanterns. We live next door to it, so I walk almost every day to it and enjoy the tranquillity and peace there. Photo taken with Nikon 85 mm. at f 1.4.

Kassei nigori Namasake

Kassei nigori Namasake means sparkling, not filtered, fresh sake, from Yamatogawa sake brewery in Kitakata, just crossing the road from my mother in love house!
Nigori sake are milky and ofthen have white deposit inside, in this case little cloths. The taste is really nice, a bit sweet and is 17 degree. The glass is a traditional Japanese glass (bohemia style) to add a bit of color to the lla white bottle and label, and blue is the color of the little decoration on the label.
I shoot with a small flash refelcted in a umbrella with Micro Nikkor 105 mm fully opened at f 3.2 and a refector for shadows and plarizer filter.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Gynko leave

A gynko leave photographed on a black laquered table, natural light, with 105 mm. Nikkor lens fully opened at f 3.3.


Setsubunsō means Christmas rose, is the flower painted on this natsume. The natsume is the jar for the matcha, the powdered green tea, for the chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony. Of course this nice can, is used only in the Christmas period. Photo taken with Nikon Micro 105 mm. at full aperture, f 3.3.

Little details hidden under the lead: fuku, means fortune, a nice greeting for the festive season. As usual in Japanese culture, precious things are hidden, not shown off, are keept in the shadow.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Chanoyu, the Tea Ceremony

A chanoyu, the tea ceremony will be held in Abbiategrasso, near Milano, in occasion of my photographic exhibition Wagashi and Chabana. In the picture a usuchaki or usuki: a container for the matcha, the powdered green tea for the tea ceremony. This is laquered with gold flowers.

Wagashi photo exhibition

My new little exhibition of wagashi and chabana.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


This is a really amazing little truck named sakura, like the truks in Black Rain, the movie of Ridley Scott. Please note the four chicken on the dashboard.