Friday, 14 October 2016

Sokō Yamaga

I found this interesting site in the city of AizuWakamatsu a headstone in rememberance of samurai Sokō Yamaga, standing in the place of his birth site. Photos taken with 85 mm. lens f 1,4, it was a very hot, sunny day 1st September 2016.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Chabana is a flower compositio for the tea ceremony, much simpler and clean than ikebana, made with just on type of flower or even just one flower. Sunlight from a window, 105mm. lens at f 2.8.


I like my wife's new haircut, is not the first time she cut hair short, but was long time since the last time had the neck nicely exposed. Nikon 105 mm. macro lens at f 3.3, maximum aperture on close-up.


Two instagram pictures of the Suwa Jinja matsuri. I love high quality photo and I use professional equipment to achieve great results, but somethimes a smartphone photo is nice. To get this result, anyway, I had to invest in some hardware, a tele lens for smartphone, not the very expensive Zeiss, an affordable one, of course the quality is bad, but I like the bokeh effect.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


Tsubouchi Saburou is a monuaeshi, a painter of mon, the Japanese family emblem, he paint them on silk or cotton to be dyed to make kimono or accessory. The mon have to placed on both shoulder or in the middle of the back, just under the collar. A kimono with crest is very precious, it means had made expressely for a family, from the fabric decoration, dyng and tailoring. Ready made kimono don't have mon. Photographed in Kyoto in Summer 2016, with 105mm. f 2.8 lens in natural light from a window and a table lamp on the desk.

Matsuri at Sugawara Jinja

Matsuri at Sugawara jinja, music, dance and partecipation by local people. For night photography I used my 85mm. f 1.4 at 500 iso.

A game for a hot afternoon at Sugawara Jinja, Kitakata, Japan. All photos taken with 180 mm. at f 2.8 in sunlight.

Matsuri in the park

An afternoon playng in the park at Sugawara Jinja, waiting for the evening matsuri, the local festival, in Kitakata, August 2016.
All photos taken with 180 mm at f 2.8, some passing cloud softened the light at some point.