Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Summer Kakejiku

In Japan, at home, there are not pictures hanging on the walls all the times, every season is accompained by some decoration and a new picture, painting or calligraphy is displayed on the wall. I love this harmony with season, nature and universe of traditional Japanese culture. This nice kakejiku (calligraphy or drawing on a scroll) representing a suski, symbol of the end of Summer accompained by a nice chabana (flower composition), the porcelain sphere is an incense box called natsume and is used in the tea ceremony. In this picture is used a traditional golden screen. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Murakami Haruki

I'm reading the latest Murakami Haruki's novel, just translated in italian, I'm sorry but cannot read it in original language. I have read all translated Murakami's book and I love them all. I'm really mesmerized by this book, really intriguing and fascinating. I look forward to go deeper into the story and discover new world, as usual in Murakami's books. And waiting for the second volume.

Monday, 21 November 2011


At the entrance of the jinja enclosure there are always a chōzuya, a basin for washing the hands and rinse the mouth for purifying oneself before approaching the temple for respect to God. This chōzuya is a carved big red stone with running water and a bamboo holder for the dippers.

New year wish

For greeting the new year, people visit the jinja (temple), they pray, make offerings and ask for fortune buing a omikugi, a written oracle and, after reading it, they tied it to a wire or a brunch of a tree in the temple enclosure.

Sake factory Yamatogawa

The Yamatogawa sake factory near my family's house in Kitakata, Fukushima prefecture, make a selection of sake (the rice wine) of high quality indeed. I like the slighty sweet sake and the nigori sake, raw sake, not filtrated with a milky looks, is really good. I hope taht the radiation from the March 2011 disaster will not affect the rice fields in the area and so the sake industry there.

Lanterns in the snow

I miss a lot the Winter festivity in Kitakata, the snow, the cold, the warm family there ...

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Flower composition

A nice flower composition made by a great artist, Matsuyama san. In Milano for a concert of The Japan Association of North Italy with many good Japanese musicians and singers. The location is the house for elderly musicinas build in the late 17th century by the great composer Giuseppe Verdi, portrayed in the paintings on the background. He was a real pop star of his time, earned a lot of money end spent them for this great building in the proximity of the center of Milano where can live many ex musicians and artist of the show business.