Thursday, 26 December 2013

Sensu, a Japanese fan by artist Nakagawa Sakutaro

The Japanese artist Nakagawa Sakutaro loves to play with words and stripes of paper to make fashinating collages hi call them kirimoji, really poethic images created with paper's kanji. This is his web site I took these photos with the Nikon 85 mm. lens at f 1.4 in natural light in his Tokyo's Harajuku studio in October 2013.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Winter colour

Lovely winter colours, a gynko leaf dropped on a byke, I was in Tokyo, Japan and shoot this picture in natural light with the 85 mm. Nikkor lens at f 1.4.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Priests group photo

Priests group photo at Suwa Jinja, Kitakata. Very kind to accept to pose for a picture, has been a nice experience, thank you. Photo taken with the Nikon 17-35 mm. f 2.8 at 20 mm. focal lenght, fully opened at 2.8 in natural light at down, the sun is just hidden behind the trees at the horizon.

A celebration at Suwa Jinja

I was able to withness only the end of a celebration at Suwa Junja in Kitakata, from the outside of the temple, but was really nice to see the nice costumes of the priests and assistants.

Yamatogokoro sushi bar

A great sushi bar in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, called Yamatogokoro, very good and elegant and cozy ambient. Photo taken with Nikon 85 mm. f 1.4 in ambient light. Very kind to allow me to take many picture and to show me their skills and art.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

An Autumn evening

A calm Autumn evening at Suwa Jinja in Kitakata, this year is incredibly hot October and I enjoy the quiet garden of this temple near home. All photos are taken with the Nikon 85 mm. f 1.4 in natural light at sunset, no color correction in post.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sake Yauemon

Sake is the traditional Japanese drink, to be drinken warm or cold and there are so many different taste, dry (karakuchi) or sweet (amakuchi) I prefer the last one. This is a karakuchi sake from Yamatogawa distillery in Kitakata, but I think it start with a sweet taste, grow to a rich savour and then become dry, very interesting. Sake is usually btween 14 and 16 strenght. Photo taken at home with artificial light with 105 mm micro Nikkor lens f 2.8.

Akigusa (Autumn's grass)

A chawan named akigusa (Autumn's grass) from Kyoto, artist Katou Josui. Photo taken with 105 mm. micro Nikkor lens in natural light from a window with shiji in a sunny Autumn's day.

Tsuki chawan

Tsuki mean moon, is the kanji draw on the chawan, the tea cup for the tea ceremony. Is a Kuro Raku pottery, raku is used all over the word to label a type of pottery, is actually the name of a Kyoto's family who invented this technique and a descendant is still working, and have a little museum in Kyoto.
Photo taken with the 105 mm. micro Nikkor lens, in natural light from a window with shoji in a sunny Autumn day, what a great studio!.


A nice place in Kitakata, where to have coffe or food and browse books and interesting objects and souvenit is Tsukitoohisama. A very nicely refurbished old traditional Japanese house. A quiet and cosy place managed by young peolpe. All photos taken with 17-35 mm. lens using available light, mixing natural and artificial light and keeping the color shift for a natural effect.

Kitakata ramen

Ramen are the specialty of Kitakata, this is chashu ramen, the ramen (noodles in broth) are under  slices of stew pork and in pork broth. Just delicious!
The classic taste of Kitakata ramen you can enjoy at Matsu ramen bar, very plain and very good, and there is never a long line, but at Japanese people like very much to wait on line;-)
Both photography are taken with the 105 mm. micro at f 2.8 in natural light.

Manjou arigatou.

Manjou are traditional Japanese little soft sweets filled with anko (sweet red beans paste), are very good to accompany the green tea. Photographed with the 105 micro Nikkor at f 3.3 in natural light coming from a window with shoji in a bright sunny day.

Sweet friends

We recieved a great box of sweets from dear friends from Tokyo, are made by a famous patissery called Konigs Krone in Tokyo. Really delicious all the variety in the box. Photographed in natural light coming from a window with shoji in a sunny day, with the nikon 105 micro at f 3.3

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bottles decoration

At Yamatogawa sake distillery in Kitakata had an interesting use of empty sake bottles: a balustrade decoration and structure. The standard size for sake bottles is 1,8 liters and some smaller size too.


In Kitakata there are so many kurà, that means warehouse, and originally were used only for storage to defend preciouse thngs from fire with thick walls covered with withe plaster and shatter on windows and door, somethimes black decoration. Now they are used as shops and restaurant and are an attraction and landmark of the town.

Cindonya girl

I like close ups and details and for this photo I think black and white is more suitable to concentrate the attention on the espression and focus on the eyes. Photographed in Kitakata in natural day light with 85 mm. f 1.4


Cindonya are the traditional Japanese little noisy and colorfull street music ensmble, to advertise the opening of a new shop or restaurant. This was the first time I saw this in Kitakata and I was a little surprised. Very picturesque and quirky but fun and interesting to take pictures of it. I used a Nikon 85 mm. f 1,4 lens in daylight.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Noren at Yamatogawa

Noren is the curtain made of many stripes of fabric at the entrance of shop, restaurants and ryokan and is exposed only whin is open for business. Is always decorated with with a nice calligraphy showing name of the place or with a drawing. This is a sake factory called Yamatogawa, very good sake, in Kitakata, i took many pictures at this factory in the years, this noreen is new to replace the very old one. Photographed with the 85 mm. f 1.4 in daylight.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


I love ikurà, are  salmon's eggs, a Japanese speciality, served on white rice and wasabi on top, best if accompained by a dry sake. Photographed at home in Kitakata, Fukushima, under artificial light with 105 mm. micro Nikkor lens fully opened at 3,3.

Sake glasses

Sake glasses, empty, at the end of a great evening with very nice friends, at delicious Yamasemi soba restaurant in Yoyoygi Uehara, Tokyo. Photographed in ambient light, very low, with Nikon 85 mm. f 1,4.

Ticket machine

Ticket machines in the underground of Tokyo.

Stone bridge

A stone bridge in Meijijingu temple's park, Tokyo. Photo taken at sunset's natura light with Nikon 85mm. at f 1,4.

Flying to Tokyo

On the flyght to Tokyo in October, for the first time in Autumn, very excited.

Saturday, 19 October 2013


A nice walk in the Meijijingu temple park in Tokyo at sunset, really pacefull, even if in the center of the town.