Tuesday, 22 November 2016

November's camelia

Is November and is raining for three days and will continue for more few days, but in our garden many flower are still warming my soul. The vase in reality is a cup for sake from Fukui, Japan.
Photo taken in my studio with Micro Nikkor 105 mm. fully opened at f 3,2 wth a small strobe bounced in an umbrella.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nadeshiko, the book!

Today arrived my book Nadeshiko, I uploaded the files on Monday and I was very surprised to receive it so fast (Thursday morning). The printer is SAAL digital from Germany. They have web site in Italian and German, don't know about other languages.
The book is printed on photographic paper, the quality is great and the finishing too, the paper is very thick. Thanks to the color profile downloadable from the web site, the photo are exactely as I intended, the intensity and definition are great, I printed only black and white photos, I think the color would be fine as well. 
I was a bit worry about uploading jpg files, but the result is fine, no "steps" on large gray surfaces.
The thick "filled" cover I choosed is nice, on the site they discourage the choice of matt surface for the cover, but I'm really happy with the feeling.
The uploading process is not so easy, from the web site or with the free Saal software, it needs improving, several times i had errors. I wrote asking assistance, and the reply to my mail arrived after the book itself, not usefull indeed.

Nadeshiko, the subtle allure of Japanese women.

Portraits and sensual details of Japanese women I had the pleasure of taking photograph of, is not erotic photography, but is about sensuality and elegance.
The text is compose by quotation from Japanese authors I love, like Kawabata, Tanizaki, Kenko,Shonagon,Setouchi, Yasushi.

This book is a limited edition photo book, if you are interested, please contact me for more details.