Monday, 5 May 2014

Photographic exhibition

On Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of May I will be exhibiting my photographic work about Japan The Creative Gesture at WOW Museo del fumetto in Milano. You are all invited!


The 5th of June iskodomo no hi, tango no sekku (old styile name), the boy's celebration. In Japan is a national holiday, is very important. In all homes where lives a boy are displeyed a little samurai helmet, to wish good healt and fortune to the boy. I took this pictures at my home few years back, we do not have boy, but is a good tradition to keep alive. Lens 105 mm. Micro Nikkor with tungsten spot light to have a sharp shadow, like the sun.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Pink azalea

Today is raining and coming back home I sugested to my wife to pick a little bunch of azalea flower from the garden to make a composition. Emiko is not an ikebana master, her mother is, but she have a great sensibility and sense of composition, is in her culture and background.
I shoot this picture with Nikon 105 mm. Micro lens, in ambient light coming from the window, the sky was cloudy, but is not important, I suggest you do always the white balance. I always correct the light in Camera Row (Photoshop), if you work on a raw file (I always do). This is a great tool for a photographer, it offer great possibility of correcting and enhancing your photo, without damaging the file. In the picture below, is shown a color checker used to set the correct white balance, is a bit expencive, but usefull and there are also smaller and portable (pocket) version. A white paper is fine too, but be carefull, not all white paper are white the same.


Usually I discard the out of focus images, I'm a bit maniac of perfectly sharp photos and correct technique. But today I was browsing through this photo session and I was susprised to see this photos, I haven't erasered it from folder, and I was intrigued by the delicate mood of this pictures. Even the light was intreresting, the under silk kimono is shining and is overexposed, but is nice. I did not correct or altered the file, the blurred photo happened because the autofocus was not ready but I shoot because I saw a nice moment and composition. As usual I was shooting at full aperture with the 85 mm. at f 1.4 using studio flash light at very low power.