Pink azalea

Today is raining and coming back home I sugested to my wife to pick a little bunch of azalea flower from the garden to make a composition. Emiko is not an ikebana master, her mother is, but she have a great sensibility and sense of composition, is in her culture and background.
I shoot this picture with Nikon 105 mm. Micro lens, in ambient light coming from the window, the sky was cloudy, but is not important, I suggest you do always the white balance. I always correct the light in Camera Row (Photoshop), if you work on a raw file (I always do). This is a great tool for a photographer, it offer great possibility of correcting and enhancing your photo, without damaging the file. In the picture below, is shown a color checker used to set the correct white balance, is a bit expencive, but usefull and there are also smaller and portable (pocket) version. A white paper is fine too, but be carefull, not all white paper are white the same.


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