Monday, 26 November 2012

Teramachi Jinja 喜多方

I can't wait to go back to Kitakata this Winter, to see great landscape, ancient stones lanterns and dog/lion statue covered with snow at the Teramachi Jinja in Kitakata. Walking in the silence, under those old trees gives me a great sense of pace and happiness. Is lovely when the sun comes in the morning after a night of snow, like in this pictures, taken as usual with 85mm. Nikon lens.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Winter grass

A Winter landscape photo with grass in Kitakata. I like the contrast of the yellow grass in late afthernoon light, against the blue sky.

Torii in the snow

Torii are the two red columns with orizontal structure that are the symbolic gate of a temple in Japan, usually are made of wood and somethimes in concrete. This are the gate of the oldest and most important jinja, temple in Kitakata, Teramachi district, that means district of the temple, that is called also tera. In this photo taken at the end of December, there is little snow and a warm late afthernoon sun, perfect for a walk around gardens. This was my first Winter in Japan in 2004.

Pine with snow

A nicely shaped Japanese pine tree, matsu in Japanese, covered with snow, in Kitakata. The Winter is approaching and for this week end the forecast is promising snow all around Japan, possibly even in Tokyo. I took two close up photos of the branches,and later I realize that the images can be edited together overlapping the trunk. I left the shape of the two pictures not to hide the collage. Photo taken with 85mm Nikon lens.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Takizawa Emiko pianist

 In Milano there was a festival of the Japanese province of Ishikawa and among other things, there was a very nice chorus performance of traditional Japanese music, conducted by Asakura Yoshihiro and piano player was Takizawa Emiko (my wife ;-), she played beautifully, brava! Nikon D3x with 85mm. 1.4 at 500 iso, for use only the ambient lights.

Autumn colors

The maple on my terrace is telling me that Autumn is toward the end and leafs are changing color quickly, this short moment the momiji (maple) is at his best. Nikon D3x with 105mm. macro lens,

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Lili flower

A white lili flower photographed in my studio with abundance of yellow. Photo shoot with strobes and Nikon D2Xs with 105mm. f. 2.8. (the reflection is real).

Friday, 9 November 2012

Jizou san

Winter is coming, here and in Japan too. In the Fukushima prefecture has sea and mountains, Aizuwakamatsu area is situated in the center of the  mountainous part of the region, it snow a lot and there are nice ski resorts too. I took this photo of a Jizou san statue close to a hospital in Wakamatsu. This are statue of benevolent Bodhisattva and are ofthen at roadside to protect passers by and people living in the area whom make offering of food or red coat. Photo taken with Nikon D2xs with 85 mm. lens at f 1.4 in natural light.

Saturday, 3 November 2012


This Japanese traditional dish is called shinmai, means new rice, very appreciated for its flavour and white almost transparent colour. In Italy (where I am) we produce very good rices of many quality and also this one called originario, very similar to the Japanese kind. We bought this from a producer not far from Milano, in Gudo Visconti, is very good. The best way to appreciate rice is this, with simple things like mentaiko on top, cod's eggs marinated with salt and chilly pepper that make it a bit spicy, really good. In Japan there are many simple dishes like this and are called gohan no tomo, rice's companion, really appropriated definition. This is not the only course of a meal, the rice acoompany always many other dishes of vegetables, meat, fish and soup, everything of varius colour and taste, in harmony with the season. Photo taken with flash and Nikon D3 with Nikkor 105mm. macro lens, fully opened at f. 3.4 to achieve a great shallow focus.