This Japanese traditional dish is called shinmai, means new rice, very appreciated for its flavour and white almost transparent colour. In Italy (where I am) we produce very good rices of many quality and also this one called originario, very similar to the Japanese kind. We bought this from a producer not far from Milano, in Gudo Visconti, is very good. The best way to appreciate rice is this, with simple things like mentaiko on top, cod's eggs marinated with salt and chilly pepper that make it a bit spicy, really good. In Japan there are many simple dishes like this and are called gohan no tomo, rice's companion, really appropriated definition. This is not the only course of a meal, the rice acoompany always many other dishes of vegetables, meat, fish and soup, everything of varius colour and taste, in harmony with the season. Photo taken with flash and Nikon D3 with Nikkor 105mm. macro lens, fully opened at f. 3.4 to achieve a great shallow focus.

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