Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Chanoyu in Winter


The chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony, just few moment of the fascinating experience of participating and be a guest of this ceremony. Was during a Winter day in Kitakata, with very dark sky, so I had to light, without alter the real mood of the room. I used just two photoflood lamps, one behind the fusuma (sliding door) on the back ground of the picture, that is made of wood and paper (shoji), the other light bouncing on a reflector, inside the room.

Snow & smoke

A small street in Kitakata, filled with snow and the smoke of some bonfire coming from the temple garden.

Temple roof

The geometry of the Zendōji (temple) roof in Koriyama in a Winter sunny day, this style is called karayō or zen style architecture.

Little temple in Koriyama

Some architectural details of a little temple in the town of Koriyama, in the Fukushima prefecture. I was there in December 2005. At that time no one knew Fukushima, now is sadly know all over the world.


I'm a liar, as a photographer, I'm a liar and I mystify the truth, the reality.  Because I like to show only the best side of things or people. Like in this photos, the first is decontextualised, showing the bes of this little temple in Koriyama, the second photo is contextualised, showing the surroundings, the harsh reality of modern town, ugly buildings suffocating ancient beauty and harmony of man made buildings and nature. Actually this is the true modern day Japan.