Nō mask

A Nō antique mask of a young woman of Japan's ancient times. The masks are made in light wood and painted. There are many characters wearing masks in the   theatre, all played by man, this is a courtisan with the ancient make up: shaved eyebrouws and drawed much higher on the forehead, red lips and black teeth. This mask was at the antique shop of a friend in Milano: httkottoya who kindly permitted me to shoot many pictures.
For the shooting I used available shop light, tungsten spotlights, I found the right spot for the beam to hit the mask in a dramatic way. I used the 105 mm Micro lens, I had to shoot at 500 iso, handheld the camera and diaphragm fully opened at f 3,3 (the lens open at f 2.8 but in macro there is a loss of light).


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