Saturday, 22 February 2014

Story to tell

For those who like black and white photography, I have an other blog, with the same title on Tumblr (need to subscribe, it's free), please follow it for many pictures.
I decided to have an other blog because I like to share with you, my public, my ever growing personal work on Japan, the title is "The Creative Gesture", I'm exhibiting this work on many shows around Italy.
I'm so deeply in love for many years with Japan, its culture, art and philosophy, aesthetics, literature, food and elegance, to marry a Japanese woman. During my regular trips to Japan, thanks to her and her family, I have the honor and privilege of a direct experience and contact with this reality as a whole, the true traditional Japanese world and the traditional daily family life as well.
Living in Japan for extended periods, I have the opportunity to meet many artists and artisans, meeting them in their studio and take photographs of the creative process “from the inside” as experience. My point of view is not the superficial tourist’s. My point of view is as participating and passionate witness.

Portrait of a friend in my studio, was not a photo session, was a snap during a nice dinner with friends, after lot of great food provided by my wife and various italian wines. This is the secret to relax and put at ease people not use to stay in front of a camerra. Ambient light with 85 mm. f 1.4 Nikon lens.

He's passionate about literature and few days before he was talking on the net about Dostoyevsky, when I found on a blog this quote and I had the idea of usit on this photo.