Saturday, 22 February 2014

Narita Airport

Arriving at Narita is always a very happy moment, the airport is very clean and bright. I voluntarily under exposed to show the reflections and shadows of the shiny floor and the silhouettes of the travellers.
The exposure is not a fixed matter, is really a personal choice, an expression tool. I expand on this matter. If you need to take a picture of a painting or an object to show exactely how is, like a catalogue or advertising, the exposure is only one: the correct one. In all other cases you can decide how to show the reality or unreality of the scene or object, or face ... Exposure is a very important instrument for expression. I invite you to do experiments on the exposure, in taking the shoot and even in post production, and you will see that somethimes a dark or bright image is more expressive than the "correct" one.