Sunday, 15 January 2012

Me in Egypt

Back in the year 2000 mid January I was in Egypt, to shoot a documentary for Discovery Channel about Gold. The story of a couple of clever Egyptian geologysts, they saw an ancient map from the times of pharaohs, with location of few gold mines in the High Egypt, that means South Egypt to us. The original map is in the great Egyptian Museum of Turin (Italy), second in the world only to the Cairo Museum. They reserched widely the territory of the Eastern Desert and ...... found them! But they where not the only ones, Romans been there in the first centuries of our era and after them the British in late 19th century, beginning of 20th. With the new technology, is now possible to rework all the sediments left during the centuries and from the mines. We spent a couple of weeks in the miners camp, in the middle of the Eastern Desert, where were only ten people two sheeps and a donkey ..... but was fun.

In this picture, I was in early morning in front of Giza Pyramids, with the British director and a sound man, to film an interview with the famous Zahi Hawass, he left us waiting for him just a couple of hours ...... it was quite cold and around us the desert, no toilet ... or refreshments. Plenty of time to set up digital camera (Sony DigiCam 16:9), monitor, and to count the camels passing by .... not so many.

Interstingly in the desert in the opposite direction of this view, there was the rests of the stage and a lot of rubbish left from a huge concert for the Millenium of French musician Jean Michel Jarre performed on New Year's Eve. (initially posted on the 10th of October 2007)