Karate master in abbiategrasso, Milano

I do not practice any martial art, but I have a great respect and esteem for master of any of this arts. This is Shirai Hiroshi sensei (master), he is a living mith of Japanese traditional karate, he was charged by his school in Japoan back in the '60s, with the mission of bringing the real and traditional karate to the west. Now is more than fourty years working in Europe, is one of the most important and esteemed teacher of this art in the world. I took this pictur after being invited by the Yoshitaka dojo to shoot his portrait for the comingevent about Japan and my photographic exhibition (to be held in February 2012), in the town of Abbiategrasso near Milano in December 20111. I used few 350 wats tungsten spot lights on both sides of the subjects, actually, back of the subjects, to achieve a dramatic light and strong graphism. I like the white walls and white kimono dress contrasting with the only grey and black of the skin. I used a 85mm. Nikon lens. fully opened at 1.4f . Very shallow focus is difficult to achieve on unpredictable and fast movements, I never stop the motion of the master, never ask to pose for the shoot, of course I had to throw away so many shoots. I had only 30 minuts in total to do my shooting, set lighting included.

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