Friday, 13 January 2012

A couple of laquered bowls

This beautiful and elegant laquered bowls is an example of Japanese elegance and great style. Wooden bowl laquered are commonly used in Japan for drinking soup, it keeps the heat of the food and protect the fingers from it. Have a nice felling at the touch, is very light, and have a nice and quiet soft noise when bangs on the table or between them.
Laquer is a traditional art in Japan, imported from china in ancient times, is now very deep rooted in Japanese culture and art, with traditional styles and modern too.
This are the great present of a couple of very nice Japanese friends from Fukushima Prefecture. This Winter, unfortunately, I was unable to go to Japan and so, to meet all my friends there. This present is very welcome, I really appreciate their kindness and warm heart, thank you!
I took this picture in my studio, on a laquered surface to have a deep black and nice reflections. It was particularly hard to light the bowls and reducing the reflections on the red brush painting.