Fried sardines Japanese way

This is a Japanese home dish, fried sardines dusted in potato flour, very crispy, with soy sauce and, of course rice and on the background a bottle of sake.
Nihon ryori (Japanese food) is very rich, varoius and interesting, there's not only sushi or sashimi, those are the most famous but are eaten in special restaurants (sushi bar) or take away, sashimi is made at home somethimes but never sushi. In Japanese food you can find all kind of fish and sea shells, meat of chicken, pork, very little sheep and horse and especially beaf meat.

The beaf meat in Japan is very fat, good meat must looks like marble, with a lot of lines of fat, the opposite of Italian requirement of very lean meat. There is also the famous Kobe Beaf, this are very spoilt and pampered animals, they drink beer and have massages with gin! Of course this is the most expensive meat in the world but the taste is unique as well. This photo was taken in my studio on film for an Italian magazine. (initially posted on the 3rd of November 2007)

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