Nice smile!

I have to apologise, I forgot her name, few months ago there was in Milano the Fiera del Mobile, the Interior Design Fair, very big and interesting, with tousand of exhibitors from all over the world, of course many Japanese people showing their good work and many just visiting. Ther was also a big area devoted to Tokyo Design, where I met this nice girl and chatted with her for a litlle while. I know only she come from Kamakura, for shure I will go to visit the town on my next trip in Japan;-)
The exhibition was in a very dark area, but can see immediately after my eyes where used to the dim light ...... the BAR area, free sake testing! I like it very much, I prefer the one a little bit sweet than the dry ones, there are so many different kinds, I have to try them all. Serious.

In the middle of the exhibition main hall there was a big Tokyo model, no, no this one ;-) a town model like 6 meters by 6 meters of the center town, with the tower, Roppongi, and more. This was the model .... very nice to see a big city small ;-) I cannot recognize all area, just the Tower of Tokyo, Roppongi and Shijuku. (originally posted on the 23rd of July 2007)


I was more interested by the surroundings ...


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