Nasu, eggplant sandwich

Nasu are the eggplants, this is avery good dish, one of my favourite Japanese food. This are sandwiches of fried eggplants with veal escalopes inside, served with mustard and soy sauce.
In Japanese food there are thousand of vegetables and salades, in any meal there is always vegetables, often raw and cooked, rice, a soup and meat or fish or both! Is a feast for the eyes too, all those little plates, cups, and bowls, a mix of tastes, colours, smells and textures.
The traditional morning breakfast is based of rice, grilled fish or meat, vegetables, slad, miso soup and ofthen fish eggs. No cofee but tea, cold in summer. Is a bit difficult to start like this early in the morning for me the first time I was in Japan, I was asking for a cofee and milk first thing and after some time breakfast was ready and me too! Now I'm used to it and I really enjoy this habit, but only in Japan because my mother in law do this really hard work to prepare breakfast. Arigato okasan!  (originally posted on the 30th of Novembre 2007)

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