Sunday, 15 January 2012

It was January and I was walking for long time in a very cold afternoon in Kitakata with my camera, the sky was dark and grey all day, I took icy pictures and got icy ..... feet. After taking a lot of pictures of snowy landscapes, snowy stones, snow covered trees ..... suddenly the sun come out shining and transforming all tings, before flat and boring into alive and sparkling, dark and bright shapes. 
This was a vision ... a pretty girl appeared to me: crossing the street out of the station, and walking streight to me. I'm shure she took a train and travelled, she put on make up combed nicely her hair, choosed a bright jacket and, even if very freezing, no hat and dacided to wear a nice short skirt, she knows the reason, just to apperar in front of me and brighten up my afternoon. 
I'm very thankfull to her for this, I smiled at her and just said: こんにちわ and then I went back home satisfied and had a nice hot cup of tea, Japanese green tea.  (initially posted on the 15th of July 2007)