Sunday, 15 January 2012

My beautiful friend Kumiko

This is my beautiful friend Kumiko, she lives in Tokyo and in November 2006 she came in Italy with a friend and we met in Torino. She is very beautyful and sexy, is tall and she likes good food and drinks. We went to Rivoli, a small medioeval village near Torino to visit the Castle on an hill top, now is a fantastic modern art museum, has a great collection of contemporary artist, great location and great view over Torino on one side and the mountains (of the Winter Olimpics of Sestriere) on the other side. 
After the culture we went to a little bar in a small streets of the village to drink a very good Italian spumante, sparkling white wine of Piemonte area, very good, can compete with French Champagne.

I shoot this portrait with my new Nikon D2Xs with the 85mm f1.4, I was very happy about the result, fantastic colors, very nice contrast and of course sharpness. Natural light inside the bar, very little dept of field at f1.4! This lens is fantastic, 90% of my pictures are taken with this lens. (initially posted on the 15th October 2007)

Kumiko shoot this great photo of me with her camera, near the Rivoli Castle, the Autumn colors are great, with the wall covered in red vine. I'm the yellow one ;-)