Pretty Saeko and me.

This is Saeko, very pretty architect from Tokyo, she was in Milano and I took a portrait of her while my nice assistant Karin, took a portrait of us. This was done in December 2006, in Mondadori studios in Cernusco, with strobes and I was using my new Nikon D2Xs camera with a 180mm, I like shallow focus and so I work always at full aperture: f 2,8, much better with the help of autofocus, I'm getting blind working a lot on the computer!
More difficult to portrait a normal person than models, models knows what to do (not all of them, only the good ones;-) to be beautiful is not enough (I know, I pretend too much), the subject must feel relaxed at least, or better, must love to be watched (she likes it). A model lives for this reason: people look at me and I desire to be looked at. Anyway this pictures  are very good. Brava Karin and ありがとう (initially posted on the 17th of July 2007)

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