Sunday, 15 January 2012

My friend Kurisu bi eyes.

This is Kris, she is an artist and art curator in Tokyo and that means it works with artists and galleries and private people to organize exibitions, in art gallery, museums, public spaces. I meet her in Milano in Autumn '06. She is very intelligent, full of energy, very beautyful and has a fantastic smile! Just irresistible.....
I took this portrait in studio using a Fuji GX680 with Sinar 54 Digital back, that has an incredible quality. I used studio flashes, to achieve this natural light feeling, I used a big white fabric on a frame to soften the light. I love shallow focus, so full aperture f5,6 on my Fujinon 150mm. Great camera and great lens. I just can't stop shooting her and I took hundreds of shoots. The big problem is to choose the right shoot out of hundreds. (initially posted on the 8th of November 2007)