Do you know ramen? Oishii! Means buono in Japanese and this is very good indeed, ramen are Japanese noodles, with spring onions in soy sauce and meat (or fish) broth, in this case with pork meat topping, this is my favourite. In every region ramen are differen in size (thickness), hardness and ingredients, this are the famous Kitakata ramen, I know, you can't see them, are hidden under the pork slices .... they are shy ;-) yummy!  There are so many ramen bar (restaurants) in Japan from simple to very sophisticated and expensive, to modern and trendy. I shoot this picture in the Summer 2007 in Kitakata, in natural light in a restaurant wit very shallow focus. As reference to it I suggest you search for the great Japanese movie Tampopo  of 1985 by director  Jûzô Itami, very funny and romantic too, is all about food and the philosopy behind it in Japan. (originally posted on the 7th of October 2007)

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