Sunday, 15 January 2012

Love by Indiana

In 2003 I went for the first time to Japan and in Tokyo I had this pleasant surprise in Shijuku area, I found this big statue of American Pop artist Robert Indiana. Conceived in 1969, at the time when the United States was involved by the Vietnam War, this LOVE sculpture became a symbol for Peace and a logo printed on thousand of  postres, t-shirts and became in the '70s also the cover for the famous book Love Story and the poster of the movie from this book. Shijuku is a very busy district, but here is between very tall office blocks and at that time not too much people was around here, leaving us time to shoot this pictures with no hurry. This monument is 3,60 meter high and weighs 1,700 hilos of alluminium! Is not the only one of his kind, is a muliple piece of art and there are many of it in different colours around the word, well done Mr. Indiana.(originally posted on the 6th of November 2007)