Sunday, 15 January 2012

Poetry for your senses

How to describe this little masterpiece of culinary art? It was still winter, it was January 2005, it was the year of the rooster for the chinese astrology, so any bird will armonize well for decorations, like the crane on the cup with golden clouds in the picture. The little sweet call wagashi, is soft and made of soy weat and sugar, is really tiny and smell of freshness, the small flower is a gracefull remaind of the future Spring to come, there is also tiny piece of leaf gold...... yummy.
If you are interested and not near the country of the Raising Sun, in Europe there is a traditional Japanese confectionery of this kind of sweets, one is in Paris and a branch in London: Kamakura Minamoto Kitchoan, they deliver in Europe.
Please, don't eat them with coffee or wine. (initially posted on the 18th of July 2007)