Monday, 7 January 2013

Sushi and sake

After a long time I had the chance to go back at Midori Sushi in Umegaoka, Tokyo, for me the best sushi bar ever, thank to the great chef, the chief of the sushi cooks in the restaurant, Shimizu san. He's a real artist and eathing there is always a great experience. I like salmon, even if is not much appreciated in Japan, here have always the best quality of it (of everything) and I can feel the difference. The sake is served on a clear glass in a cubic box and they overflow the sake into the box anmd fill it as well as sign of abundance, ospitality and abundance. Photo taken in ambient lights, so the color is not perfect and the light is harsh but this photo give the atmosphere of the place. I used (as usual) Nikon 85 lens at f 1.4 at 100 iso. I took only this two pictures, I do not want to spoil the exhperience of this moment, sorry.