Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Raku yaki

While staying in Japan I watch a lot of television, even if I do not understand much I found it very interesting and entrataining, there are many interesting broadcasting about culture and art. I discovered that raku is the name of an old family of Kyoto that still make ceramics (I forgot how many generations of artist are now, more than ten anyhow) and give the name of a type of ceramic, but would be improper to call other people ceramics with this name. But is common to call the style and tachnique raku. This is a raku yaki from Kyoto but not from Raku family (is incredibly expencive), yaki means cook, fire or glaze. I found interesting the sediment of matcha, the powdered green tea in the chawan, left after drinking the gree tea. I used natural light and the 105 mm. Micro f 2.8 lens fully opened at f 3.3.