Open studio

Here my studio in Kitakata, Fukushima prefecture, Japan. To set up a studio is not necessary too much equipment, just a camera a nice subject and fantasy. Sun light is the greatest, better not direct sunlight that's too harsh, some white fabric to reflet light is fine to control shadows and be careful at what are around for color reflections (red walls, blue cars ..) consider that the sky is blue end so reflect a blue light. All the photos of flower arrengements here are made like this, with natural light and is reflected mostly from the ground and the white sheet. On the small table the Nikon 85 mm. 1.4 f lens, that I love and use so much for the ability to blur the background with extreme shallow focus. To paraphrase the title of an Italian neorelaistic movie (Pane, amore e fantasia) Camera, Love and Fantasy can be my motto!

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