Sunday, 17 February 2013

Murakami 1Q84

This is a paperbck edition of Murakami Haruki novel 1Q84, a great novel divided in 6 little book, the hard back cover edition  is 2 volumes only. I read it in Italian and I live it! As for all Murakami books (translated in Italian) I read them all and love them all.
The Italinan hard back edition of the book 1 & 2 looks very old, the graphic si 1960's especially compared to the original book cover
But the novel is great, a really beautiful story, is actually a love story set in Tokyo in an uncerten parallel time. Murakami Haruki was selected for the 2012 possible Nobel Prize for literature, but did not won, I'm very sorry for him.
The first picture I took in a book shop in Japan using 85 mm. lens 1,4 f and the second one in my studio using the 105 mm. Micro lens. The third image is not mine.