The Japanese unagi is the eel, the Japanese recepie is cook on barbecue then marinateted in sweet soy sauce,  barbecued again and served on a bed of riece presented in a nice laquered box, is just fantastic, perfect with cold sake. In the picture is the old and great unagi restorant Ebiya, in AizuWakamatsu in Fukushima prefecture. The hiragana (character) on the curtain at the door, is u, the first letter for unagi (eel) and is written in the shape of an eel too, but the name of the restaurant is ebi-ya, negozio di gamberi. AizuWkamatsu is  a nice little town of samurai tradition, in fact there is a great castle there and a lot of martial art tradition, and an international University too. Is famous a story of young samuray that made sacrifice of their lives for the lord of the castle. Moreover important for the hometown of Noguchi Hideyo, he is scientist and bacteriologist pictured on the 1000 yen note, famous for his research that provide treatement for syphilis and malaria and won him a Nobel price.

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