Osechi ryori

For new year's day, my wife prepared a real Japanese meal, thank you so much! From top: datemaki, the rolled omelette lightly sweet. In the yellow square dish kuro-mame, black soy beans cooked with some sugar, in the wooden laquered bowl miso soup with moci (kind of rice cake) special for the new year. At last but not least the osechi in the laquered box, containing many delicacy: prowns, chiken meat, daikon, gobou (root), in tge orange skin slices of dried squid and kombu. All food have a symbolic meaning, to wish healt, happyness, work and longevity. This is a traditional Japanese food and is perfect accompained by sake! For all photos I used the 105 mm Micro Nikkor lens fully opened at f 3 using natural light from a windows and some reflectors.


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