Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Kimono and obi

This is an old picture of my wife I took in 喜多方、 Kitakata in January 2005, my first Winter trip to Japan. I asked okasan (mother) to dress up my wife with kimono, and so was the firsdt time I saw her wearing kimono. For me is always surprising and fashinating the Japanese color-matching, in this case the light blue obi on a deep brown silk kimono was unespected, the final effect is great, very elegant and sensual. The touch of the deep red of the obijime add elegance to the kimono. Photo shoot in the house using only the natural light coming from the window, it was a sunny  day, the back ground is a traditional Japanese gold screen used for tea ceremony and official ceremony. I used the 105mm. macro lens for the portrait and the 180mm all Nikkor lenses, for the close up of the obi.