Monday, 30 April 2012

HDR photography

Is becoming very popular in this last years the HDR photography (high dynamic range) with many extreme elaboration I do not like. I'm a professional photographer and I like to know what's happening in photography about thechnique and aesthetics as well. Is not a good idea to fallow every new fashion or trend, is better to create them, anyway is a good practice to investigate, try and understand new things and see what you like, what is usable and usefull for you or your clients (if you are a professional).
There are many software to create HDR photos, even free software, I tried some and I tried the Photoshop HDR filter. I'm really satisfied with Photoshop CS5 filter, is easy tu use, the preview is perfect and can easily adjust all settings to create your photo with the right amount of effect. Here a normal photo and on the right the HDR photo. I don't have multiple shoots of this image, so I create 3 photos with different exposure: -1, ok and +1. Because I do not like extreme elaboration, innatural images I'm satisfied with this, but of course, every situation is different and every person too, so this is not the law. Find your way and have fun. Picture taken in Kitakata, Fukushima prefecture, Japan