Friday, 25 March 2011

Small Jinja at Hachiyakushi, near Iwaki

This small temple is in Hachiyakushi, near Iwaki, prefecture of Fukushima, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the pictures below show the sea just across the road. After the tremendous tsunami of 11th March 2011, all the coastal area has been devastated, but here the wave was a little weaker, I hope this temple has survived..
I feel terribly sad and sorry for all the victims of the tsunami and moreover for the victim of the nuclear disaster, my deepest sympathy goes to all the brave worker that decided to sacrifice they lives for ensure a future to the other people of Japan. I pray for Japan and all his marvellous people.

On April 16th I found news about this place: The tori is safe, very little damage to the bridge barrier, but the nearby village of Hachiyakushi had suffered relatively small damages from the tsunami. See this video post tsunami on youtube.